BSc Course

Science Subjects in Class XII BSc Courses
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) BSc Physics BSc Nautical Science
BSc Mathematics BSc Instrumentation
BSc Chemistry BSc Polymer Science
BSc Computer Science BSc Geology
BSc Information Technology (IT) BSc Physical Science
BSc Electronics BSc Industrial Chemistry
Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) BSc Biology BSc Geology
BSc Microbiology BSc Biotechnology
BSc Agricultural and Dairy Science BSc Biological Science
BSc Nursing BSc Anthropology
BSc Physiotherapy BSc Biomedical Science
BSc Occupational Therapy BSc Physical Science
BSc Botany BSc Genetics
BSc Medical Lab Technology BSc Horticulture
BSc Optometry BSc Environmental Science
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics B F Sc (Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences)
BSc and AH – Veterinary Science BSc Food Technology
BSc Zoology BSc Home Science
BSc Immunology BSc Forensic Science
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (PCMB) Candidates having PCMB subjects in Class XII are eligible to apply for admission in all BSc courses mentioned above.