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Admission to a reputed can help a lot in distance education for MA

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MA distance education in Gujarat is thriving and therefore highly sought after by go-getting students who want to continue with their higher education. At the same time, successfully completing a MA distance education from ACEAS will open the gates for a world of employment opportunities in a high school, college, university, as well as numerous commercial organizations. A typical student after taking admission to MA course in Ahmedabad can look forward to working as a journalist or a news reporter in a media company.

Additionally, the student who has taken admission to MA course Gujarat will be able to apply for a government or public sector job, post applications for working as an economic advisor, and so on. If the student holding a MA degree completes a professional course in computer applications, animation or medical transcription will be in a position to explore multiple job positions in different occupational fields. ACEAS is a recognized and certified institution for pursuing MA distance education in Ahmedabad.

‘ACEAS’ was registered as a distance education establishment in 2004 and its incorporation of the organization was made possible owing to the collective efforts of a group of professionals. These professionals who were industry leaders in their respective fields, including management, technology, pharmaceutical, and medical, brought their experience to the table for making the establishment of ACEAS a reality.

This Ahmedabad-based distance learning enterprise offers bachelors’ and masters’ degree courses in BA, MA, B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA, BHMS, B.Ed/M.Ed, and MBBS.  A student applying for the ACEAS distance-education MA program, can choose to specialize in the any one or more of the subjects including English, Hindi, History, Economics, and Political Science to name a few.

ACEASAdmission to a reputed can help a lot in distance education for MA
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