Phd/Mphil Admission

Phd/Mphil admission in reputed universities of Gujarat

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Many individuals who have completed their post graduate degrees in subjects like Humanities, Commerce, Management and so on are now enrolling themselves in Phd/ Mphil courses of leading universities of India. From the perspective of infrastructures and faculties leading universities of Gujarat are attracting large number of students from other parts of India. Except durations there is no such big difference between Phd and Mphil course and so students have the sole freedom to pursue either of them. But to secure admission in any of these highly innovative courses you have to follow certain prescribed guidelines.

 You can also obtain these guidelines from the website of University GRANT Commission (UGC) to avoid any kind of confusion and doubt in your mind. Previously due to lack of prescribed guidelines many undeserving students used to get admission in such degree courses. But now these shall be awarded on the basis of the Phd/Mphil offered UGC Relations 2009 to screen out undeserving candidates.

ACEASPhd/Mphil admission in reputed universities of Gujarat
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